Hack With “Steam password decoder 0.2.3c (steampwd)”

27 février 2009

With This You Can Steal The Password And Decoder From ClienRegistry.Blob

If You have Bifrost Or Turkojan Download The File « ClienRegistry.Blob » from your Victim And Decoder Him For Steal His Password And Account ;)  

Download : Steampwd

Password : dark

CamFrog passwords decrypter 0.2 (camfrogpwd)

27 février 2009



With Camfrog Password Decoder You Can Coder All The Nickname  &PAssword Of Camfrog In Your Computer Or Ather

If You Used Turkojan or Bifrost You Can Steal The Password Remotly(Remote Shell)

download.jpgDOWNLOAD: camfrogpwd

Password : dark

Camfrog Flood

13 janvier 2009


camfrogflood.jpgThis Program Flood The Message In Rooms until the Room Close

download.jpgDOWNLOAD:  Camfrog Flood 0.2

Password : dark


15 août 2008

prorate.jpg This is The Good Trojan Client you can with him hack the Computer of you Friend or victim and steal all files and view his desktop

download.jpgDOWNLOAD:  ProRat

Password : dark

BiForst 1.2.1

15 août 2008




This  other trojan it is Cood For Steal Files And Steal Password ;)

download.jpgDOWNLOAD:  Bifrost 1.2.1

 Password : dark

Wesh In My World

15 août 2008

Welcome In My Home


DaRk | MaSteR



Hello All Hacker’s  This Blog Is Creat For You , Hier You Can Find All The Best  Trojan client  and other programme Soo you can hier download all this Programm and if you dont find the hack  programme that you like write the name of programme in com’ and i find him in 3 days in max

All Hack Programme Dont Work with Anti-Virus Because is it a Hack Programme and She Will Be Detected By Him a Virus , Soo If  Like Used All This Programme You Should Make Anti-Virus In Pause when You Used The Programme

(Anti-Virus Delete the Hack Programme,Crack,patch,Keys Hacked) 

Now Enjoy


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Go To => Fun Tools

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Turkojan 4

15 août 2008


This is  the best trojan client you can remote the desktop and control his mouse and keybloard  and steal all files, serial, password msn, camfrog ,yahoo , and cart paypal,visa cart …..


download.jpgDOWNLOAD: Turkojan4

Password : dark

This Programme Dont Work with Anti-Virus Because is it a Hack Programme and All Hack Programme Dont Work With Anti Virus (Anti-Virus Delete the Hack Programme,Crack,patch,Keys Hacked)