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15 août 2008

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Hello All Hacker’s  This Blog Is Creat For You , Hier You Can Find All The Best  Trojan client  and other programme Soo you can hier download all this Programm and if you dont find the hack  programme that you like write the name of programme in com’ and i find him in 3 days in max

All Hack Programme Dont Work with Anti-Virus Because is it a Hack Programme and She Will Be Detected By Him a Virus , Soo If  Like Used All This Programme You Should Make Anti-Virus In Pause when You Used The Programme

(Anti-Virus Delete the Hack Programme,Crack,patch,Keys Hacked) 

Now Enjoy


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Camfrog Serial Room Pro Decrypter 0.1v

13 mai 2009

This programme decrypter The Serial Room For Camfrog How Is in camfrogserver.cfg and make him serial .

Download : Serial Room Decoder

Password : dark

Steam password decoder 0.2.3c

13 mai 2009

decrypts the passwords stored in the local ClientRegistry.blob file.
remember that Steam uses an unique key to encrypt the password so if you have reinstalled your Windows you could be not able to recover it, the only exception is with Vista where the key is usually ever the same due to some technical reasons.
works also from command-line allowing to pass directly the encrypted password and the needed key.
the tool automatically tests the NoMachineSpecificPassphraseAvailable key if the provided/calculated one is wrong .

Download : Steam Password Decoder

Password : dark

Camfrog Admin

6 mai 2009

 This Is The Program To Control All Id In Camfrog You Can Ban ID From Camfrog :) Ban Server Ban Room But You Should Have Good Idea For Camfrog :)  

« When You Used This Programme make Anti Virus Paused Or The Programme Will Be Delete :) And All ID Will Be Banned »

DOWNLOAD: Camfrog Admin

sNaKe–Crypter By ChInOlOo

5 mai 2009


Download:  Snake Crypter

Password : dark


Premium_Crypter Mod By demonio666vip

5 mai 2009


DOWNLOAD: Premium_Crypter Mod By demonio666vip



5 mai 2009


Download:  GaZa CrYpTeR SE By Dr.G3NIUS

Password : 123 

Binder v1 saw hacker

5 mai 2009


Download:  Binder v1 saw hacker

Password : 123

CrYpTeR By D4Rk M4$T3R

5 mai 2009


Download: Crypter by D4Rk M4ST3R

Password : 123 

Crypter by x4x

5 mai 2009


Download:  Crypteur by x4x

Password : 123 

Habbo Credits Hack

1 mai 2009

Always wanted to hack Habbo accounts? This great application can do it all! This application gives you a peak behind the scenes at Habbo. Through the database you can have anny account you want! Knowledge of databases, php or mysql aren’t required.

download.jpg DOWNLOAD
Habbo Credits Hack has been downloaded 158 times.